All Hands on Deck

After learning that Weil’s summer program lasts for twelve weeks, I remember thinking that three months sounds like a long summer. I could not have been more wrong. Four weeks are now behind me, and I am concluding my first rotation in litigation when I could easily go for another four weeks.

Still, even in four weeks, I have had the chance to see so much and become part of the team. One of the great aspects of each rotation is that you are given an observational assignment. In the context of litigation, that means becoming acquainted with a specific case, and attending regular team meetings, hearings, or depositions.

I had the wonderful opportunity to observe a major case that has and will continue to make headlines. I was able to see the planning and strategizing that goes into a case, and the various moving parts that must be accounted for. While the assignment is technically observational, I quickly found out from the partners leading the case that no assignment is purely observational. During my first meeting, it did not take long for the partners to ask that I research an issue in support of one of their arguments. During the following week’s meeting I was able to report back on what I had found. It is thrilling to have the partners listen to and value your contributions so early on.

These assignments are wonderful in that you really get a sense for what a practice group does so that you could eventually decide what you enjoy most. Additionally, they are invaluable for providing an opportunity to feel what it is like to be part of the team, and to get your toes wet so that you could start strong later as an associate.

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