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Weil Has The X-Factor

From the first moment I interviewed at Weil, I had a gut feeling this place was special. My first impressions have been confirmed and exceeded every day I have spent at Weil this summer. I am a huge fan of singing shows, so I would say that Weil has the “X-factor.” As I have walked down halls, I’ve noticed attorneys have their offices open; it is typical to find attorneys engaged in conversations with each other. Every week the floor I am on has an informal get together where attorneys chat with the summer associates about work and life in general. The environment here is a rare balance between kindness, hard work, and fun.

The attorneys here are some of the most intelligent, interesting, friendly, compassionate and hardworking individuals I have ever met. In terms of formal training, I have had the opportunity to work directly with partners and associates on engaging and substantive issues. Both associates and partners have taken the time to explain the nature of the matter, answer my questions, and provide substantive feedback on my work product both as it is in progress and once it has been finished. The associates and partners I have worked with actively keep me in the loop as a case progresses. The collaborative, friendly work environment shines in every interaction I have had with attorneys at Weil.

The most rewarding part of the summer has been the more informal social interactions I have had with associates and partners at weekly lunches, coffees, and events. The people who work here are not just great intellects but also great people, which has made the summer experience both socially and intellectually fulfilling. After a month here, I have gotten a glimpse of just how rewarding a career at Weil would be.

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