More than a Buzzword

NEW YORK/SILICON VALLEY – While the summer at Weil has passed unbelievably quickly, my experience here thus far has reaffirmed that Weil is the place for me.

Going through the interview and callback process, it often becomes difficult to differentiate firms from one another. I remember pouring hours into researching firms but in the end realizing that the same buzzwords would pop up over and over again – “mentoring” often being one of them.

I can definitively say that “mentoring” is more than a buzzword at Weil. On the very first day of the summer program, I went to lunch with my summer sibling (a junior associate serving as my primary mentor) and it became clear that she was there to serve as a mentor in every sense of the word – whether I had questions about the firm, the summer program, wanted to meet people in specific practice groups, or even wanted to casually chat about life in the city.

As the summer moves along, you realize that you will pick up informal mentors – it could be an assignment coordinator, someone that you met during a lunch, or even someone with whom you’ve worked on an assignment. These informal mentors will be no less willing to serve as a guiding hand, whether it be in helping you figure out unfamiliar subject matter or to grab coffee and chat.

When it comes to mentorship, my experiences have confirmed that the people at Weil are committed and enthusiastic about making sure we have all the resources we need to succeed in every sense.

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