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Summer Fun

NEW YORK – As a summer associate at Weil, the fun never stops. Every week, we have about three social events, where summer associates have the opportunity to interact with attorneys across different practice groups, whether it be Securities Litigation or Banking & Finance.

Some of these social events are also opportunities to bring together attorneys of similar backgrounds, such as female attorneys or black attorneys. Last week, for example, the AsianAttorneys@Weil affinity group hosted a pool party in the Hamptons. The event allowed members of the group to form strong foundations for what I hope will become life-long friendships.

I realized that the AsiansAttorneys@Weil event, where I developed strong bonds with some colleagues, was possible only because the firm committed resources to the affinity group. Without it, we wouldn’t have had engaging conversations on the three-hour bus ride, silly attempts at synchronized swimming, or funny group shots during the sunset. I appreciate that Weil invests heavily in social opportunities for its attorneys because it allows members of the firm to get to know one another on a personal, as well as professional, level.

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