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Running Weild through Grand Central Terminal

Walking into one of the largest law firms in the world as a summer associate, you wonder if you’ll have enough time to meet everyone and interact with all of the practice groups that Weil has to offer. Thankfully, Weil is great at helping summer associates capitalize by creating ample opportunities during and after the workday to facilitate relationships and introductions to practice groups. Beyond day-to-day assignments with practice groups of interest, one of the ways summers are able to meet with partners, associates, and other summer associates is through Summer Program Committee Groups (SPCs). These groups consist of three to four partners that are on the Summer Program Committee and a small group of summer associates to interact with throughout the summer at group-specific events.

This month, engaging in some friendly and healthy competition, my SPC group participated in a scavenger hunt around Grand Central Terminal. While 125,000 commuters were passing through one of the most world-famous transportation hubs, my SPC group was roaming through its halls, solving brain teasers, and searching for answers for the ultimate prizes: a shiny medal and bragging rights. This event was both entertaining and memorable because everyone was fully committed to competing and worked together as a team to complete the hunt. To successfully solve the problems, each group had to think outside the box and be creative, which allowed attorneys’ interests and talents outside of the law to shine through. It also provided the opportunity to witness practicing attorneys translate their competitive nature, logical thinking, and expertise into solving riddles. Overall, the scavenger hunt was a great bonding event that allowed us to network with attorneys at Weil in a unique and creative way.

Because of events like these, strangers don’t exist at Weil, only familiar faces. Weil thinks outside the box and finds new and creative ways for summer associates to feel accustomed to the firm. In just a few weeks, a big firm like Weil has become very easy to navigate and already feels like home.

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