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A Flexible Approach

The beginning of summer at Weil comes with a variety of emotions—anticipation, eagerness, excitement, curiosity, and more. Prior to coming to Weil, we all heard stories about what it is like to be a summer associate, but no one can fully appreciate what it feels like to be a summer associate, until you are one. After two weeks, I now understand why a summer associate position may be difficult to pin down. Here at Weil, you have the ability to design your own experience based on your personal interests. Everyone’s summer experience is different. A summer associate has the opportunity to rotate through multiple departments—be it Litigation, Corporate, Business Finance and Restructuring, or Tax, Benefits, and Executive Compensation—while also preferencing specific practice groups within the departments. This freedom allows us to explore our passions, learn about areas of law that we did not study in law school, and gain further insights into exactly what we want to do in our careers post-graduation.

While some of my fellow summer associates have a strong idea about what it is they want to do and tailor their summers accordingly, I remain open-minded. Weil has a breadth of practice areas, and the summer is the ideal time to explore different areas of law. One day I could work on a transaction involving the restructuring of debt, and the next, help draft documents for the formation of a private equity fund. It’s this kind of varying exposure that I feel best encapsulates the summer experience.
Since the start of summer, I have spoken to multiple associates who once thought they knew what area of law they wanted to practice, only to discover during their own summer experience that what they actually wanted to do was something different. While I remain undecided as what area of the law suits me best, I am confident the next ten weeks will provide me with the foundation to make the right decision.

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