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A True Taste of Weil

NEW YORK – Summer days drifting away to oh oh those law school nights . That was one of the lines from a play on the song Summer Nights my team performed at Weil’s Regional Weekend on July 14 – one of the highlights of my summer experience. Regional Weekend is hosted in Weil’s New York office and is a way for summer associates and associates across offices to spend some time interacting and getting to know one another. The weekend was full of activities such as the Weil Challenge, dinners and live band karaoke. As a summer associate, I was able to meet partners, associates and fellow summer associates from Weil’s various U.S. regional offices. I appreciated the friendly and collaborative nature of the associates and partners in the New York office, and it was great to see that this culture permeated the firm nationwide. Meeting members of the firm at Regional Weekend served as further affirmation that Weil is the place I want to build my career.

The amount of mentoring I have received from various associates and partners at the firm has been incredible. I consider myself lucky because I was able to spend my summer sharing an office with a Capital Markets associate. My officemate made sure I was comfortable at Weil and enjoying my summer. Additionally, once I began my Corporate rotation, she took time out of her busy schedule to find me assignments within the practice groups I was interested in. Beyond mentorship from various associates at the firm, I was fortunate to have a variety of partners take interest in my work and provide feedback. In my Litigation rotation, I received the opportunity to work directly with a Securities Litigation partner on a memorandum. What started out as feedback on my research or writing, always turned into an interesting teaching moment on topics such as performing an effective deposition. Additionally, I was ecstatic when an Antitrust Litigation partner walked up to me at a summer event and personally commended me on an innovative argument I developed in a memo.

My summer at Weil has flown by, from my first firm event running a 5K for the American Heart Association to the firm’s Broadway night, it has been an incredible experience. Everyone at Weil invests a great amount in ensuring that their summer associates are having an enjoyable experience, and it definitely pays off.

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