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A Weil-Rounded Firm

A little less than a year ago, I came to Weil’s New York office for my Summer Associate interview. Recently, a partner asked me why I decided to come to Weil. I told him I remember walking through the halls with a very prominent partner during my interview and saw the partner greet everyone that walked by and knew many of the administrative staff by name. Although this may seem to be a very inconsequential event, I knew from that moment that this was a firm I wanted to be part of. Everyone was friendly, respectful, and open. I saw with my own eyes that each person at this firm, regardless of title, is valued and appreciated.

New York Big Law can have a reputation for being harsh and intense. Since coming to Weil, one of the most elite law firms in New York, my experience has been anything but harsh. As a current law student, I know I have very little experience in the law outside of my time at school. Despite how little I know at the moment, every associate, counsel, and partner I have worked with on my assignments has taken the time to sit down with me and thoroughly explain the issues and answer my questions. Every person I have worked with is invested in my learning and wants me to experience as much as I can in these 12 weeks.

Over the last few weeks, I have met several partners who have come to Weil from other law firms. Every person has told me how collaborative the people at Weil are. Immediately after my interview, I knew Weil would be the best law firm for me to grow and learn. Weil proves that an elite New York law firm can excel and not sacrifice its values of respect, diversity, and collaboration.

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