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A Worth-Weil Experience

There are clearly some central themes that are repeated in each summer blog, and one that is frequently echoed throughout is the amazing mentorship, “both formal and informal.” Whenever we look at someone’s bio page online, we usually see what law school they attended, some of the deals they were a part of, and what position they hold at the firm. But often times, the path to where they are now is glossed over or not readily discernible from just an online webpage. I am truly glad that Weil sees the importance in not only the amazing substantive work that is assigned to us, but also in the valuable stories that come from genuine interactions and connections during our time at the firm. Every week, I have an opportunity to catch up with my Summer Sibling, and I am also able to grab lunch with the partners and associates in my current rotation. Along with our Summer Programming Committee groups, we are constantly exposed to the exciting narratives that shape the culture of the firm. It is enlightening to hear and realize that at one point or another, the people sitting across from us were in our same shoes as a summer, whether it be just a year ago, or for some, maybe a little further than that.

While the war stories and insights on different courtrooms, judges, and past deals are collectively such unique learning experiences, the stories about each person’s daily lives are just as enlightening. I have heard about life at the law firm both as a parent to a newly-born child, and as a parent to high school kids ready to go to college. I was able to compare my teaching experience with a partner who recently taught a class at Columbia Law School. Some shared their experiences navigating the legal environment in New York City following the financial crisis, while some talked about the best way to literally navigate New York City when there is a parade right at our front door. Ultimately, while the Weil summer program seems to have adapted and changed throughout the years, it is comforting to know that everyone here went through the same learning experience making the same mistakes, enjoying the thrills of a successful assignment, and cementing lifelong friendships along the way. At the end of the day, it was always about the people, and I am so happy that I picked Weil as the place to learn and grow as a future attorney.

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