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Banking on Career Development

Prior to joining the Summer Program, I identified the Banking & Finance practice as a particular interest of mine. Before attending law school, I worked in banking and hoped to build upon this experience in my legal career. Early in my eight-week rotation in the Corporate Department, I was given the opportunity to take on two Banking & Finance assignments. The first assignment allowed me to gain exposure to representing a borrower, whereas my second assignment focused on a lender-side representation. Through these experiences, I gained an introductory perspective for the complexities involved in acting as counsel for sophisticated credit facilities for multi-national corporations. The assignments have confirmed my interest in pursuing a career in corporate law, but more importantly have confirmed my reasoning for joining Weil as a summer associate. The interactions I have had within this practice group exemplifies the top-down culture of inclusiveness and career development at Weil.

Given the complexity of the work, and my limited experience in commercial finance law, much of the work I have participated in has been observational. However, the value of the exposure I have gained through such opportunities has been immeasurable. After each meeting or call –either with opposing counsel, clients or other internal practice groups—I have gained significant context related to the structure and structuring of these transactions as well as a better understanding of the tasks associated with being a full-time attorney in the group. The most surprising aspect of these observational assignments has been the substantial amount of exposure to partners. After each meeting or call, both associates and partners have taken the time to explain the concepts discussed and answer any questions I may have related to the deal. It was a great assurance to know that partners are so focused on the development of junior team members that they are willing to take the time to enthusiastically answer any questions related to the deal. Although I now recognize the steep learning curve related to any corporate practice, I am assured knowing that Weil affords a supportive atmosphere to develop my legal career through the mentorship of senior team members.

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