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Dedication to Nurture

NEW YORK – “We are here to help you learn. Truly feel free to ask us anything you don’t understand.”

The partner and the associates were looking at me, eager to explain everything about the deal to the most junior person on the team. I asked my question and listened carefully to their answers, feeling like a small boat that was being guided by the lighthouse on its very first sail.

Since the first day, every one of us has been given different assignments to work on. We were deeply immersed in the deal team to get full exposure of the practice. Like a sponge, I tried my best to absorb from every learning experience, from simple logistical tasks to complex document drafting. What really touched me was not just the immersion, but also the fact that partners and associates were willing to spend a great amount of time explaining to me the details and background of each deal. They walked me step-by-step through the structures created, the documents involved, the terms negotiated, and most importantly, the purpose of the deal. Rather than throwing me in piles of documents and letting me figure everything out myself, they not only encouraged me to ask questions, however simple and basic, but also sat with me to show me how certain tasks were done and the overall goal we were trying to achieve for the clients. Such guidance I received became the catalyst in my learning process. With a general blueprint in mind and a stream of constant feedback, I was able to ask questions, leading to a snowballing of knowledge and practical skills that I had never imagined. I came to realize that the partners and associates at Weil are not just good practitioners, who do their jobs very well, but also great teachers and mentors who put a lot of weight on nurturing the juniors.

I still cannot believe it has been half way through the summer program. I have asked many questions, but I have learned so much from them. The mere wondering of basic wordings and legal jargons has now become thoughtful pondering of complicated contract terms and business structures. I cannot wait for another six weeks to surprise myself again with what I will have learned, thanks to the dedicated partners and associates at Weil.

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