Diversity & Inclusion at Weil

BOSTON – Weil’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion was one of the aspects of the firm that most impressed me during the application process last summer. As the legal industry continues to prioritize these values, Weil stood out to me as a champion in the field, due to the firm’s inclusive culture, which dates back to its founding. As a summer associate, I have experienced the firm’s dedication to diversity and inclusion firsthand through participation in one of the firm’s affinity groups, Women@Weil, and most recently by attending one of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s events, the Judges Panel Speaker Series.

The Judges Panel Speaker Series was a great example of the breadth of Weil’s commitment to diversity as the firm invited two distinguished and diverse alumni, currently serving as United States District Court judges to speak with the summer associates about their professional experiences. Though the judges were participating in the discussion from New York and Washington D.C., all Weil offices in the U.S. were invited and attended the event remotely. It was a privilege to hear the judges speak candidly to us about their tenure at Weil, the evolution of their careers, as well as the challenges and rewards of their roles as federal judges. It was great to see the investment that even alumni make to further the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives at Weil and I look forward to participating in more diversity events throughout the remainder of the summer.

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