For Info, Get Informal

In just over a week as a summer associate at Weil’s NYC office, I have taken the opportunity with three different associates to grab coffee and learn more about their groups and experiences at Weil. At every event – of which there are many – associates make it a priority to give us information, but they also extend offers to meet more casually to give personalized, one-on-one advice. I have found these more casual conversations to provide a deeper understanding of what work and life look like in certain practice groups and at the firm more generally. Whether it’s someone I’ve met in an elevator bank, or someone I got connected to at an event like our Welcome Reception, Post-AIDS Walk Get-Together or WeilPride Breakfast, people have made me feel like my having a well-rounded and enjoyable summer is their priority.

Having current associates connect me to people outside of their practice groups has also told me something else about the firm – that people know one another here. Many of the connections I have made have resulted from someone telling me that they have a friend who shares my interests and that they’d love to connect us. I don’t like buzzwords, but warm and collegial are two words that really do describe the relationships people have with one another here, and it instantly rubs off on you. As far as metrics go for evaluating a firm, I think whether or not the people are happy is a great one, and there’s no better way to gauge that than to chat openly and informally with someone.

As someone who does not always feel comfortable intruding on the time of others, I appreciate how generous Weil associates are with their offers to meet up. These conversations have helped me make more informed choices regarding what groups and assignments I want to preference in order to maximize my time this summer. Sitting down for chats that are separated from the formal summer structure fosters a truly open conversation. The overwhelming positive experiences these associates have had reaffirms my belief that I was correct in choosing Weil as the place to start my career, and I am so excited about where the rest of the summer might take me!

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