Lost in a Sea of Hors d ‘Oeuvres

It’s likely—probably guaranteed—that an incoming summer associate will begin their time at a firm completely lost, with no grasp on the essentials of practicing law or even the rudiments of the work around which their summer will revolve. I was certainly this incoming summer, largely directionless, interested in every practice area, and prepared for a confusing journey from one to the other. However, I can’t imagine a firm better handling my initial confusion than Weil did.

On day one, the attorneys made it very clear that they too were in our shoes, and more importantly, that they remember it. I never felt as though I was talking to a supervisor, but instead, talking to a friend, whose goal was my success and whose footsteps I would follow for the upcoming months. By the end of the first week, I was working on the exact types of projects I had hoped for, with attorneys and partners who pushed me to understand an issue, and who I could laugh with over finger-food that same night.

The journey to understanding different litigation groups, with their varying styles and personalities, and understanding the many corporate department practice groups, was suddenly not so daunting. I had time to work and observe during the day, and ask questions at night during a partner dinner, a ping-pong party, or the reception following a Broadway play, where I could sample both the tartare and the practice group personalities.

After only two months, I’ve completely forgotten how lost I expected to be. I’m still not sure in which practice group I belong just yet, but it doesn’t matter, because I am part of the team nonetheless and because I know that no matter where I end up at Weil, I will be surrounded by professionals from whom I can learn and proudly associate with. Weil made sure that I was not a lost summer associate, and now, the only confusion I have left is over which hors d’oeuvre to try first.

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