Assignments,  Summer@Weil


Prior to starting this summer at Weil, I did not know what to expect regarding the substance of our assignments. I was prepared to do a lot of legal research and write numerous formal emails. What I did not expect was the depth of work that I received within the first few weeks, and the intriguing matter I would be working on.

My first rotation was litigation, and I have been working on a few large cases. While my first week was mainly focused on case law research and drafting formal emails, during my third week, I received an email from a very senior partner, asking me to come meet with him. After a friendly conversation, he asked me to draft him a memo summarizing the relevant issues for the matter we discussed.

Upon receiving the assignment, I quickly went back to my office and spent nearly a week reading documents, reviewing contracts, conducting research, and drafting the perfect formal memo. The ability to have such substantive and relevant work is truly unique to my experience at Weil. It was such an incredible opportunity, just three weeks in, to be able to work directly with a partner on such an important assignment.

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