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Mentors and Friends at Weil

NEW YORK – Moving to New York this summer was bittersweet. Although I was eager to begin my summer associate position, it meant I had to be away from my significant other, my family, and many of my law school friends for three months. I had chosen Weil because it seemed like the best personality fit during the recruiting process, but I was still nervous about having to adapt to life at a large law firm without my loved ones around me. More specifically, I found myself worried about whether I’d be able to keep up the pace with highly experienced attorneys while I had essentially zero business knowledge.

It’s currently the third week of the program, and these doubts have already faded away. In the short time I’ve been here, I can already tell that Weil has built a culture around mentorship. I find myself comfortable asking questions during meetings, even if they’re about the most basic aspects of a matter. Attorneys will take the time not only to explain my assignments, but also to give me the background on what they’re working on so I understand the matter as a whole.  A relatively small assignment can turn into a major learning experience. It’s unsurprising that many of the attorneys I’ve met double as law school professors—these individuals are natural teachers. They have made the transition from learning in a classroom to working in a law office completely seamless.

Furthermore, the numerous lunches and events provide an excellent way to get to know people at the firm in a more casual setting. It’s remarkable how easy it is to converse with anybody at the firm, whether he or she is a junior associate, a seasoned partner, or a member of the recruiting team. Everyone is extremely friendly and happy to be here. Even in the three weeks I’ve known them, they’ve made this summer a pleasure and have affirmed that I made the right choice by coming to Weil.

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