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Mentorship from Every Angle

The mentorship at Weil has surpassed my expectations. Every day I have found that attorneys are willing to take the time out of their schedules to explain their work, have a chat about what I hope to get from this summer, or talk about anything else.

Formally, we have our summer siblings, who act as a constant support system throughout the summer. We have lunch with our siblings every Monday, and sometimes join with other pairs of summer siblings. At these lunches and throughout the week we get opportunities to catch up and debrief on how things have been going throughout the summer. Additionally, our summer siblings have great networks of other associates, so we constantly have chances to meet new people and learn about the work they do.

Informally, mentorship opportunities are also plentiful. Whenever we have some spare time, we can always ask attorneys out to coffee. On these coffee breaks we can hear more about what made them choose their practice groups, what their days are like, and get to know them on a personal level. Overall, the formal and informal mentorship opportunities have been numerous and have helped me connect with a wide range of attorneys at Weil.

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