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Not Just Another Screener

Although I chose Weil for many reasons — the prestige, the work experience, the high-profile clients — my decision boiled down to the people. I was first exposed to Weil during OCI. While OCI is inherently stressful, my Weil interviews were effortless and enjoyable. My interviewers were intelligent but down to earth, driven but humble and hilarious. After accepting my offer, each interviewer emailed a congratulatory note, requesting I seek them out once the summer began.

Fast forward one year later, and the relationships I cultivated during OCI have only strengthened. Despite our short initial interaction a year beforehand, I was not just another forgotten face. To the contrary, my interviewers have gone above and beyond to help integrate me into the firm and ensure I make the most of my summer. Within my first week, I grabbed lunch with the partner who administered my screener interview despite his busy schedule as a department head. Upon rotating into the corporate department, my callback interviewer took me under his wing, immediately assigning me to a private equity deal to ensure substantive corporate work and personally introducing me to his team.

Starting a new job can be daunting but at Weil the relationships are genuine, the offers of help are sincere, and the people truly care. Although the firm has many methods in place to help connect summers to attorneys, organic relationship-building begins immediately — even in the somewhat intimidating context of OCI. I am grateful for the mentorship that has blossomed from my initial interviews and look forward to learning and growing from these incredible attorneys during my time at Weil.

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