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Observing a Weil Oiled Machine

The summer associate program has exceeded my expectations, from the numerous lunches and events to the inviting environment amongst the associates. Everyone told me to enjoy the summer associate experience and also get a “feel” for what type of law I want to practice in the future. The balancing act between these two interests has been achieved with both substantive assignments and observational opportunities. Each new project I am staffed on comes with helpful instructions from the associates on the deal. The little things gleaned through the assignments are obviously helpful in becoming a better lawyer, but the greatest experience has been the observational opportunities. Sitting in on meetings with a deal team, including the partner with senior and junior associates, has provided great insight into the practice group along with the underlying mechanism of how the firm functions.

The opportunity to be involved in both the specific details of a deal through assignments, and view deal dynamics broadly through observational opportunities, has been eye opening. Many summer associates, including myself, have had legal positions in smaller workplaces and it is drastically different. The deal team dynamic here at Weil, a consistent structure throughout different groups, is amazingly organized. Associates, both senior and junior, understand their respective obligations to the group and the partners trust them to get the work done at the highest level. It is a testament to the structure of the firm’s training culture. This opportunity has also provided insight to me as to what the role of a first year associate is in contributing to the team and learning the overall timeline and steps of a deal.

I have similarly been invited to sit in on high level conference calls with heads of different groups discussing the best way to collectively structure a deal. I obviously did not fully grasp the intricacies of the conversation, but appreciated observing how organized and detailed it was. It was enlightening to see the collaborative effort of different groups spanning across multiple Weil offices. Each cog was uniquely complex in its own right, and to see multiple issues discussed seamlessly together has been tremendously insightful. I initially thought the main experience of my summer would be specific assignments but have been pleasantly surprised observing the Weil global perspective.

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