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Oh the Places You’ll Go

By the end of my third week at Weil, I was headed on my first business trip. I was not expecting to be able to participate in this kind of practical experience when I started with the firm, but I accepted the offer to go without hesitation. At Weil, summers are actually part of the team and no matter the assignment, our contributions are valued.

My two biggest draws to Weil were the promises of deep, meaningful mentoring relationships and ownership of my work. My first business trip was an early and resounding delivery of these promises. Not only was I able to meaningfully contribute to my team, the associate with whom I traveled provided informal mentoring along the way. He was integral to my understanding of expectations and how our work would fit into the big picture of the deal. I felt comfortable asking questions (no matter how simple or complex) or requesting constructive feedback at all stages of the trip. Indeed, it was that open invitation for guidance and the delivery on that promise that gave me the greatest fulfillment.

Upon returning to New York, I was thanked more times than I can count for agreeing to travel and assist so early in my summer rotation. Very few moments in my life have felt as rewarding. I am so lucky to have had such a career-defining experience, and it would have been impossible if it were not for Weil’s core mission to nurture its summer associates by giving us truly challenging and rewarding opportunities and experiences.

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