Old & New: Friendly Faces All Around

At the Weil offer dinner in DC, I immediately made eye contact with a friend from my 1L section. We both had the same thought—if Weil also wants to hire you, this has to be a great place. Thankfully, we both accepted and our thought process could not be more accurate.

After my screening interview during OCI I wrote, “GREAT meeting” on my Weil folder and throughout the interview process I kept meeting people who I really liked on a personal level and found impressive on a professional level. I was confident that I made the right choice in Weil, but there was a small worry that I had been duped or that I would get stuck with one of those terrible bosses that law school legend is made of. In just a few days, that fear has been completely dispelled. Georgetown brings a solid cohort to Weil NY so even before our first day I had found more familiar faces, made some new friends, and had a group of people I liked and trusted. But expanding my relationships hasn’t been hard. Whether bumping into a fellow summer on the subway, helping each other get to the right floor, explaining the layout of the cafeteria, or chatting at one of the many social events, they are all friendly and nice people who I can see spending my career with. We are already swinging by each other’s office to check in, see how they are doing, or just to take in the view from another office.

This feeling doesn’t stop with the summer class. From the tax department cracking jokes at pre-orientation, to the legal recruiting department making sure we ate breakfast, to the partners who talk about their kids over lunch—everyone at Weil is kind, friendly, and approachable in addition to being dedicated and brilliant people in their field. My summer sibling is my go-to for the questions I feel silly asking. My assignment coordinator is receptive and wants to make sure I’m getting assignments I like. My social coordinator makes sure Tuesdays and Thursdays don’t go by without a delicious lunch with a fascinating partner. My Summer Program Committee spent dinner laughing, playing games, and dissecting accents. Most importantly, the partners and associates I work with go out of their way to ensure that I’m getting interesting work and were very willing to step back and explain things so that I could see the big picture. Everyone tells you to come to them if you have any questions, or if you just want to grab coffee.

The summer has only started, but I already feel lucky to be surrounded by so many friendly faces and look forward to seeing what the summer has in store.

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