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Open Conversations in a Crowded Park

NEW YORK – Humidity, blaring sun and an over-crowded Central Park; this hardly seems to be a winning combination for a social event. But those factors, combined with great conversation, open discussion and authenticity from associates across the firm did in fact make for an impactful start to my summer at Weil. Weil participates in the annual New York City AIDS walk. As an LGBTQ individual, I appreciate the support the firm gives in participating in this and other causes. As a summer associate, I also appreciate what I learned about life at Weil from those I walked with in the park that day.

Before starting my summer at Weil I knew at least one thing: that I would get exposure to top-tier legal matters. Weil’s reputation speaks for itself through the consistently received recognition across the industry. Also, having read the firm’s website and knowing a handful of Weil attorneys from my interview process, I knew the firm valued mutual respect and kindness amongst its lawyers. However, I did not know how broad and sweeping the perhaps cliché phrase and initial impressions permeate the firm’s culture. In starting my summer, I was particularly nervous about mentorship experiences and being able to ask questions- not just about legal matters, but about all aspects of life at the firm.

The attorneys I walked alongside during the AIDS walk were more than simply kind or respectful. They were engaging, honest and didn’t “hide the ball”. Some had lateraled from other firms and gave insight to what made Weil different as well as the realities of being a Big Law attorney. I also asked many (many) questions about practice groups, day-to-day life and other work-related topics. The honesty and openness from those around me have since encouraged me to take ownership of my summer experience. Their willingness to engage with my questions and concerns with thoughtful, helpful responses has carried over into receiving and understanding my work assignments.

This openness is something I value immensely and has been instrumental so far in helping me develop a sense of what work I’m most interested in and how to best learn from my summer here at Weil.

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