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Open Doors

Throughout the first week of the summer program, my fellow summer associates and I heard the phrase “My door is always open” from a countless number of attorneys, a countless number of times. I quickly came to realize that sentiment was anything but hollow and that it would make all of the difference in the world in my summer experience.

When I received my first work assignment, I was both excited and nervous. Obviously, it is fantastic to have the opportunity to begin to dip your toes into different practice areas in substantive ways. At the same time, it can be incredibly nerve-racking to face unfamiliar and challenging concepts. In typical law student fashion, I found myself internally debating whether the questions I had were worthy of a stop by an associate’s office, or if instead these questions would be embarrassing to even ask. However, I would soon come to learn that at Weil, every question is met with enthusiasm and a thorough explanation. The value of having the ability to feel comfortable stopping by an attorney’s office with questions at any time cannot be overstated – it has been integral to my learning experience over the summer.

One of the best aspects of my summer at Weil has been feeling like every attorney not only has the time for me, but also is happy to be taking the time to teach me and get to know me.

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