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Putting the “Me” in Mentorship

Throughout the interview and callback process, it can become difficult to differentiate amongst the many firms that all claim to have the “best” summer associate programs. “Mentorship” is a catchphrase often touted during these sales pitches. However, as early as my first week at Weil, it was readily apparent that Weil does more than talk a good game—they also practice what they preach.

Formal mentoring opportunities abound at Weil. Within my first twenty-four hours at Weil, I was provided an incredible support system: a summer sibling (a junior associate serving as my main mentor), an assignment coordinator, an associate mentor from the practice group I’m working in (in addition to a partner mentor!), and numerous others. Questions regarding the firm, the summer program, specific practice groups, and even city life were all readily and enthusiastically addressed. Even though my legal experience only consisted of two years of law school, I was readily welcomed into a network wherein I was free to pose questions and seek help whenever needed.

Not only does Weil offer a host of formal mentorships, there are also ample chances for more causal mentoring. A near-continuous offering of lunches, dinners, and cocktail receptions with both fellow summer associates and senior attorneys regularly provide a plethora of opportunities to engage with fellow lawyers at Weil. At all of these events, I was met with a welcoming attitude and a true desire to help.

My experience at Weil has confirmed that mentorship isn’t just another recruiting ploy—here, it’s an everyday commitment.

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