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Rewarding Summer

I picked Weil looking for a firm with great people and a sterling reputation. Looking back, I’m thrilled I made the decision I did.

Weil places a premium on training. Associates consistently set aside time to provide detailed feedback on assignments. Within two months, I was running redlines, assisting with drafting agreements, and participating in calls with outside counsel. Partners are also highly invested in training junior associates. After one call, a partner created a virtual classroom. He drew a chart on the whiteboard and asked us questions about stock ownership percentage. I can’t imagine my friends at other firms having this type of hands-on experience.

Weil also provides summer associates with ample opportunities to build relationships with mentors. In Silicon Valley, my official partner mentor taught me to golf, invited me to dinner with him and his wife, and joined our class for a whitewater rafting trip. My unofficial partner mentor invited me to sit in on calls, pulled me into exciting deals, and gave me opportunities to get my feet wet with business development. In New York, I even had the chance to sit down with firm leadership. At the end of the day, everyone at Weil, regardless of title, is invested in helping me succeed. After such a rewarding summer, I am even more excited to launch my career at Weil.

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