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Running “Weil’d” at the Wall Street Run and Heart Walk

NEW YORK – I consider myself to be a health-conscious person. I’ve been active in organized sports and independent workouts since elementary school. After completing the Wall Street Run and Heart Walk—as I wandered amongst the participants and caught my wind alongside others from the firm—I felt pride in seeing that my values are actively embraced as a part of life at Weil.

After running nonstop for five kilometers, through Wall Street, Battery Park and Robert Wagner Jr. Park, then finishing with a view of the Statue of Liberty in the distance and sprinting across the finish line, I felt accomplished. It was my first 5K race.

During the race and afterward, Weil was well represented, from summer associates to partners, to associates and administrative staff. It felt so seamless and natural. While walking to Merchant’s River House for casual conversations about life and the law with others at the firm, I had a moment of earnest reflection: I was experiencing something very good.

When you work at a leading law firm, one thing is certain: the work will be cutting-edge. What will be less certain is whether you will be at a firm at which you feel that you, as an individual, are integral. From my perspective, individual identity, personality and a well-rounded approach to life are integral to the culture and the success of Weil; across partners, associates and staff. Weil is a place where I feel integral. That matters to me. I felt it at the race and I’ve felt it every day.

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