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Sit and Stay a Weil

Coming into this summer at Weil, I was unsure about what type of law I wanted to practice. I am currently beginning my third week of the summer associate program, and I still am unsure. What I do know, however, is that I am in the best place I could possibly be in to make that determination. Weil has surpassed my expectations of what this summer would be and the way in which it would help me learn what practice group I am interested in.

Most firms undoubtedly offer similar opportunities to explore different practice areas and be part of various experiences to help summers figure out their interests. What separates Weil and the Weil experience, however, is its people. Aside from the many coffees, lunches, and dinners we have each week, associates and partners routinely stop by our offices or call us into theirs just to sit and chat. While it may sound intimidating to go into a partner’s office for a “chat,” it is far from it. No matter their seniority, everyone at Weil genuinely exemplifies the collegial culture I heard so much about prior to coming here.

As an example, during my second week, I reached out to a very senior partner about getting coffee. Although I am sure he had a busy schedule, this partner did not hesitate to take me up on my invitation. This turned into over a half an hour conversation in his office talking about everything from sports, to his career path, to the various opportunities I have or may be interested in. To my amazement, this is a routine experience at Weil and the type of culture everyone within the firm embodies. It is also primarily through these candid, easy-flowing conversations that I have begun narrowing my interests and finding what I am truly passionate about. I know by the end of the summer program I will be in the best possible position to make my practice group choice, and that is predominantly because of the people here at Weil.

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