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Stepping into the Ring with Weil: Real Work, Real Community

Within my first weeks at Weil I already felt I was a member of the team: from answering substantive questions regarding attorney-client privilege that were needed from a litigation team headed into depositions to drafting sections of a pro bono brief that was due in just a few days. I got to do a variety of work, even draft a memo that would eventually be sent to a client, meet with numerous associates, and see my work product used and discussed by partners.

But, being part of the community at Weil goes way beyond the amazing work I felt privileged to do. It is my “summer sibling” who goes above and beyond the weekly lunch we are supposed to have together and reaches out to take me to grab smoothies, coffees, or out favorite, froyo. It is the attorneys who show up to the events to get to know us, and those on my floor that I have never worked with that stop by just to chat and say hello.

I truly felt like I was part of a team when I was invited to join a few associates and a partner at a boxing class. I had never boxed before and would normally be nervous to try something new, but when I got the calendar invite I could not have been more excited. As the day drew closer, the nerves in my stomach increased.

When I arrived that morning the associates were there and ready to help me get signed up and put my wraps and gloves on. Welcomed by their smiling faces, I knew I had nothing to worry about. My new Weil family had my back.

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