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Succeeding @Weil

NEW YORK – The summer program at Weil has been filled with opportunities to engage in candid conversations with associates and partners about their career paths to this point. As a rising 2L, new to the law firm environment, social events are an excellent way of getting to know people outside of the office. As a diverse student, I found that the events planned by the various affinity groups show how Weil values diversity in many different ways.

BAAG, the Black Attorney Affinity Group at Weil, co-hosted a mocktail and cocktail making class with Latinos@Weil. This event was a fun way to bond with attorneys from a number of different practice groups, some of whom I would not have met through my rotations. The warm sense of community put everyone at ease as associates and partners shared stories of their time in law school and as a new associate. We were able to get a true sense of what our careers would look like in the not-so-distant future. I felt at home and supported by people who have a genuine interest in my success here.

During one of our weekly lunches with the entire summer class, we had the pleasure of having a panel consisting of two U.S. District Court judges, both of whom are Weil alumni and former members of BAAG and Latinos@Weil. It was interesting to hear their perspectives, both as members of the Weil community, but also as individuals of color. They emphasized the role that mentorship played in empowering our careers. Their success was inspiring to me as a young, diverse member of the legal community.

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