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Summer Program Committee Groups at Weil

NEW YORK – From my very first interactions with Weil attorneys, I have been consistently impressed with the Firm’s culture and the emphasis placed on collegiality, teamwork and mentorship. I am happy to report that more than halfway through the Summer Program, my expectations regarding these aspects of the Firm’s culture have not only been met, but exceeded. One aspect of Weil’s Summer Program that is integral to facilitating this is our Summer Program Committee (“SPC”) Groups.

Weil’s SPC is made up of partners across all of the Firm’s departments. The SPC’s role is to oversee and facilitate all aspects of the Summer Program, to ensure each summer associate is getting the best experience possible, and to provide mentorship and feedback. On our first day at Weil, every summer associate was placed in an SPC Group, which is comprised of a group of summer associates and two SPC partners. Weil associates also regularly join in on SPC Events.

SPC Groups get together frequently for lunches and at social outings throughout the summer. The SPC Events that have taken place so far this summer have ranged from an interactive murder mystery in the streets of New York’s Lower East Side, an Italian cooking experience at Eataly, and a tour of a whisky distillery (with an accompanying tasting session) in Brooklyn. These events have not only provided an opportunity to explore NYC and take advantage of all of the fun and unique activities it has, but also offer a chance to meet other summer associates who are participating in different rotations as well as interact with partners in a more informal setting.

SPC partners are also instrumental to the feedback and evaluation process here at Weil. This past week, every summer associate met with their SPC partners for a Midsummer Check-in. In addition to the formal and informal feedback that we are given throughout and at the end of each rotation, the Midsummer Check-In provides an opportunity to meet with your SPC partner and chat about how the summer is going. Despite their busy schedules, each SPC partner truly cares about the development of each summer associate and takes the time to ensure that we are getting the most out of our summer at Weil.

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