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Tax – Not Just Observational

NEW YORK – My Weil summer started in the Tax Department. Having taken several tax classes in law school, I came into the rotation with passion and curiosity for the subject. My first assignment was to give a presentation (with a partner and an associate) to the entire Tax Department. Imagine how nervous I was to present something that I did not know anything about to all the experienced partners and associates. The support and training provided by my colleagues (inside and outside the department) really helped me through the process. The research training helped me understand the codes, regulations, revenue rulings and court cases on point; the feedback from the partners and associates on the draft presentation slides guided me to think comprehensively and deeply about the law; and the discussions among the partners and associates during the presentation illustrated their professionalism and dedication to detail.

The informal training from the partners and associates is a really valuable asset and this training goes on almost every day in the department. The practice of tax law has a steep learning curve and constantly requires the attorneys to learn on their own. However, whenever the partners and associates give me assignments, they always sit me down and provide a detailed explanation of that particular area of tax law to make sure I understand the assignments. They also encourage me to ask questions to help me better comprehend the tax structures and tax models. Gradually I have realized that the attorneys at Weil are not only good practitioners and experts in their areas, but also great teachers and mentors who are willing to spend time to nurture the juniors.

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