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The Best of Both Worlds at Weil

During my first year at law school, my classmates told me that summer jobs were a joke.  I learned that I would get half-hearted busy work and spend the summer having fun.

Well, my fellow students were wrong about the busy work.  Weil’s attorneys make sure to give me real and interesting work.  I get to sit in on real calls and listen as big deals are put together.  A partner even let me take the first stab at drafting a subscription agreement (an agreement to buy shares in a company).  What’s so refreshing about Weil’s summer program is how practical it is.  As law students, we spend years sitting through esoteric lectures, which is fun.  But as a summer associate, I get to watch and help real lawyers do the exact kind of work that I want to do when I graduate.  There’s no substitute for that, and it’s an opportunity no one should pass up.

But my classmates were right about one thing.  Summering with Weil is fun.  The attorneys don’t just give me good work, they are good people. Big law can have a reputation for being a stressful and explosive pressure cooker.  But Weil’s attorneys and partners are friendly and lighthearted co-workers, I genuinely enjoy working with them.  Beyond the office, though Weil has put on a lot of events.  I’m having so much fun here at Weil, it’s going to be tough going back to law school.

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