The Weil Family

NEW YORK – The On-Campus Interview Program is a daunting, hectic, and worrying process for most law students. For me, it was no different. Managing multiple interviews in the span of an hour is challenging, but differentiating firms from one another seemed impossible. That quickly changed when I interviewed with Weil. From my very first interactions with members of Weil’s team, the Firm’s cordiality and sincerity made an immediate impression on me. When it came time for me to make a decision, Weil was in a league of its own. Put differently, I have never had an easier decision to make in law school.

In my subsequent interactions with Weil’s team, I noticed them routinely referring to the Firm as the “Weil Family.” Rather than being a catchy moniker, the Weil Family encapsulates the Firm’s mission to provide its Summer Associates with the guidance, mentorship, and resources needed to embark upon a personalized career-path at Weil. For example, each Summer Associate has a “Summer Sibling,” who is a first or second-year Associate serving as a mentor throughout the Program’s duration. Through weekly lunches and coffee-runs, a Summer Sibling offers firsthand advice and support in order to allay any concerns that a Summer Associate might have.

The Weil Family also includes Summer Program Committee Partners, who serve as mentors in a relaxed, informal setting. By organizing regular social events with the group, the Committee Partners are constant figures in a Summer Associate’s time at Weil, even when the Summer Associate rotates through different departments. As I have personally found out, the Committee Partners are also great one-on-one resources, as they are always available to help answer any questions.

There is always room for more in a family, right? Well, the Weil Family also includes Assignment Coordinators, who are Associates responsible for making sure that a Summer Associate is getting the work he or she is most interested in. Assignment Coordinators help expose a Summer Associate to as many different assignments as possible, while also catering to the Summer Associate’s particular interests. Additionally, Social Coordinators help arrange weekly lunches and events between Summer Associates and Partners. The overarching goal is to help ensure that Summer Associates meet as many individuals as possible to become familiar with a practice group’s daily routine and lifestyle.

Personally, the best exemplification of the Weil Family has been in my daily interactions with individuals at the Firm. In speaking with others, there is such pride in the Summer Program. In my first week alone, Partners and Associates have gone out of their way to introduce themselves in the elevators, hallways, and cafeteria. While I cannot speak to other firms’ cultures, the Weil Family is just that: a family.

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