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We Are All on the Same Team

While there are plenty of Weil summer social events that I have truly enjoyed, I believe that it is the genuine interest that the partners and associates have expressed in helping me shape my future career at Weil that has been the most rewarding experience for me thus far.  As I close out my first six week rotation in the Corporate Department I cannot believe the opportunities that I have had. In the past six weeks I have had pleasure of working directly with several partners including the head of the Banking & Finance practice and the head of the entire Corporate Department. Every partner I have worked with thus far has invited me into their office and has taken the time to personally explain to me both the nuances of the deal and the specific project I was assigned.

One of the reasons that my experience is not out of the ordinary is because of the dedication of the assignment coordinators. Assignment coordinators at Weil make it their priority to ensure that summer associates are staffed on deals that they find interesting and that the summer associates are completing meaningful work on these deals. My summer coordinator has gone out of her way to make sure that I was staffed on assignments that matched my newly discovered interests. Also, whenever I was staffed on an assignment with a new group my assignment coordinator personally introduced me to the attorneys with whom I would be working. Similarly, the pro bono coordinators at Weil present the summer associates with ample opportunities to help a wide range of pro bono clients.

Partners, coordinators, and associates at Weil have spent considerable effort in helping me find the right practice area for me. Everyone at Weil is invested in helping the summer associates build a successful and meaningful practice.

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