Weil: A Culture of Respect and Flexibility in the Face of Change

From day one of my internship, it was evident that the importance of maintaining positive interpersonal relationships is deeply embedded in Weil’s DNA. The values of the firm are constantly conveyed and replicated: trust, communication, and accessibility. Within Weil, there are extensive mentoring relationships; an attorney fondly explained to me that she still works closely with her mentor from her law school summer internship. I am recently engaged to be married, and a partner, after congratulating me profusely, quickly assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem to get married during my first few months at Weil: “After all, that’s what I did!” No doubt, the attorneys of Weil work incredibly hard, and it goes without saying that they are the experts in their respective fields. Nonetheless, the respect for one another, which includes a respect for the time of others, is demonstrated daily. This emphasis on relationships and human connection goes beyond attorney-attorney and attorney-client relationships, but also extends to the firm’s engagement with communities outside of the legal field. There are numerous pro-bono opportunities that allow attorneys to give back through the provision of free legal services to those in need.

“Change” seems to be the adjective that best describes the last decade. Technology has spurred rapid development and has disrupted numerous industries. In 2013, taxi medallion prices reached an average of $1,000,000. Today, the price hovers around $200,000. These changes have begun to affect the legal industry as well: There is a trend towards in-house legal departments, extensive automation, and General Counsel and lawyers becoming CEOs and corporate board members. In this quickly evolving environment, it seems possible that law firms will have increased difficulty in distinguishing themselves and in remaining relevant.

Given this context, in considering my legal career, joining Weil was an obvious decision. Weil has embraced the inevitable changes of the last decade with innovation and flexibility. The firm is thoughtful and never stagnant. I feel very confident that Weil will continue to thrive in the legal space because of its willingness to adjust and its powerful emphasis on the people.

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