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Weil and Its Inclusion

When I looked back at my past six weeks at Weil, I was amazed to see how each week has been incredibly dynamic on its own and full of meaningful interactions. Indeed, it has been a busy summer for me. I have finished my rotation in the firm’s Business Finance & Restructuring group, where I contributed to the Bankruptcy Blog. There have also been frequent coffee meetups, lunches, and work events that I got to attend to meet fellow summers, associates, and partners. Yet amid the adrenaline rush, I saw a clear common thread that connected all my experiences here at Weil: inclusion.

Last year, as a second-year law student, I came across a Weil pamphlet that read, “Inclusion is in our DNA”— now, as a current summer associate at Weil, I couldn’t agree with the statement more. Every staff member and attorney I have interacted with has shown an amazing level of mindfulness that made me feel welcome and valued.

This goes beyond just being available to answer a plethora of questions I had about cases, deals, and observational calls I was staffed on. In fact, it seemed that every attorney operated under the basis that it was a bare minimum to do that. More often, attorneys that I worked with went above and beyond in making themselves a resource to make my summer as fruitful as I can make it out to be. This includes, among other things, treating me as a team member and allowing me to take as much ownership of my assignment as I could, followed with constructive feedback that helped me to make progress through each week.

As a result, I feel like I gained an honest insight and a deep level of exposure into various practice groups I was interested in, as well as developing meaningful relationships with the attorneys I met thus far. For me, the “human” spirit of my summer program made my summer exceptionally enjoyable, and I’m excited to continue the journey.

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