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Weil-dly Prepared

I remember feeling wildly unprepared prior to starting as a summer associate at Weil. I began law school immediately after undergrad, and with little to no work experience under my belt, I wondered how I could prove my value at any job.

I quickly came to realize, however, that worrying was a waste of my time. During our first few days at Weil, all summer associates took part in an informative and helpful orientation program, which included computer training, library training, Lexis and Westlaw training, and more. And while this was extremely helpful, what I did not expect was the on-the-job training I have received.

I have yet to work with one partner, associate or administrative staff member who is not willing to slow down and explain (and often re-explain) the basics to me. The training Weil provides us with goes beyond everyday skills, though. Just yesterday, Weil hosted the summer regional reception, at which summer associates from across the country came to New York so we could all take part in trainings on personal branding, acting as an ally and enhancing our legal writing skills.

In the six weeks I have spent at Weil so far, it has become very clear that everyone here is invested in our success, and is willing to take the time necessary to help us grow. I know that at Weil, I will be given the tools necessary to ensure that I am always prepared.

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