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NEW YORK – While deciding where to summer at, I spoke with many people about how to make sure I picked the right firm for me. During this process, I made it clear that while I was looking to work at a firm that handled some of the most complicated legal matters, I was also looking for a firm whose culture valued individuality and fostered a truly collegial work environment. A typical response to my inquiry was that what I was looking for did not exist. The large New York firms, capable of providing me with work on the types of matters I desired, were also notorious for having uptight firm cultures. I thought I would have to go to a small firm in a different market to get the firm culture I was seeking.

I am happy to report that at Weil you can have your cake and eat it too. Despite the fact that people at Weil work extremely hard, everyone, from the support staff to the partners are friendly, courteous, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Beyond the fact that everyone here is extremely welcoming, and is working on important matters, it is easy to get the feeling that Weil is a firm that values and actively recruits individuals who are both intelligent and great people. Our summer class, for example, is a group of extremely bright and fun people who are always up to do something together after work or on the weekend. At the same time, we have performed substantive work, from drafting motions to researching complicated issues and writing memos.

When it comes to culture and work, my experience at Weil, thus far, is confirmation that Weil is truly committed to a collegial workplace where you will be happy to go to work and where you can expect to be involved in some of the most challenging and interesting work you could possibly do at a law firm.


New York