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Observation Is An Education

By the end of my first week at Weil, I had sat in on two depositions, attended a meeting at the International Trade Commission and been involved on a client call. A few weeks later, I would be on my first business trip, having had attended three more depositions, and participated in multiple client calls and team meetings.

I chose Weil because of the opportunities I saw for myself in the future, but I never expected to be so involved in projects as a summer associate. The associates and partners make a constant effort to involve the summers in ongoing matters and be an integral part of the team. Most of the time, I was an avid observer, trying to soak in all I could during these meetings. After all, we learn the best through observation and subsequent repetition. And who better to learn from than those who are among the best in their field? I found mentorship and guidance from each of these experiences, and also picked up some thought-provoking assignments to follow up on.

While most of these activities were observational exercises, all of my thoughts and ideas that I did voice were listened to and seriously considered. Whether it was on-the-fly research or minor edits to a document, I truly felt like each of my contributions were valued. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support Weil gives its summer associates, and makes me all the more excited to find out what’s to come.

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