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Rotating through BFR – Robust Experience & Real Matters

I am a summer associate based in the New York office. My summer at Weil consists of a four-week rotation through BFR, a two-week foreign rotation through the Weil Paris Office, and a six-week rotation through the litigation department. As I write this post, I sit in the Weil Paris Office where I will spend the next two weeks shadowing French practitioners; and observing deals, negotiations, and tribunals. I am especially excited to learn more about the nature of restructuring and insolvency work in Paris, as compared to the States.

When I was interviewing at firms, I often heard a similar mantra: “at XYZ firm you will have a robust experience with the opportunity to work on real matters.” But what does that mean? I remember how hard it was to get a straight answer out of people, about what made their firm different and what that would concretely mean for my summer. So, I share what that statement has meant for me at Weil, within BFR. My BFR rotation in the New York Office included: Research, Writing, Observations and Lots of Networking. This BFR rotation is of course within the broader framework of the Summer Program, which includes its own training, events, and social gatherings. Weil is unique in that it is brimming with opportunity, and people who are genuinely interested in you and how they can support you. Summers who excel are those with a vision for what they want their experience to look like—even if that is simply broad exploration and self-discovery. If you ask for an opportunity, you will soon find yourself on a related assignment with attorneys ready to show you the ropes.

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