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A Great Learning Experience So Far

Since arriving at Weil three weeks ago, I have been rotating through the Tax Department. It has so far been a great learning experience, thanks to the high-quality mentorship I have received.

Most of my time has been spent on two ongoing transactions. In each, the lawyers involved have done an excellent job of conveying to me the big picture of the deal: who the parties are, what our client hopes to achieve, and how the tax law interacts with these goals. They have also included me in important correspondence with clients and opposing counsel, which is a helpful way to learn about the practical aspects of successfully executing a transaction. All of this has given me valuable insight into the life of a seasoned lawyer on a deal team.

I have also had plenty of opportunity to start developing my technical skills through discrete research and drafting tasks. These tasks are always interesting, and the lawyers overseeing the assignments have been very helpful in guiding me in how to think about and approach tax law problems.

Overall, I am grateful for how much I have learned, and I look forward to the rest of the summer.

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