How to Summer like a 1L

Being a summer associate, especially as a 1L, is both thrilling and nerve-racking because you want to make a great impression on everyone you meet. Within my first two weeks at Weil, a partner at the firm said to me “The point of this summer is not to test whether or not you will be a lawyer—that’s what law school does. Instead, think of this summer as a chance to figure out what kind of lawyer you want to be.” This advice was exactly what I needed to hear to help ease any fears I had about being a summer associate.

The benefit of Weil’s summer program is that it integrates 1Ls into the summer program just like any other summer associate. We have the ability to rotate through Weil’s various practice groups and take on different types of assignments. By working with a specific practice group for multiple weeks, you get to see the growth within yourself as you gain confidence with each completed assignment and start to feel more and more like a member of the team.

While handling assignments is a part of the job, an equally important aspect of the role is getting to know the people you work with. My conversations with associates are a combination of learning about why they chose their specific practice area and hearing personal vignettes about their background. A special thing about Weil is that most people you encounter are what you call “Weil Lifers.” This means that they summered at the firm and now, they still choose to call it their professional home even after so many years. This creates a unique relationship because almost everyone at the firm was at one time in your shoes and therefore understands the transition from doctrinal courses to practicing the law.

To all my future 1L Summer Associates, Weil is such a special place because the summer emphasizes relationship building and experiential learning. And if things work out, hopefully, one day you too can be a “Weil Lifer.”

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