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Picking a Practice Group

Unsure of what practice area I wanted to join at Weil, I worried about having to make that choice at the end of my summer. So, I chose to rotate through three departments – Business Finance and Restructuring (“BFR”), Corporate, and Litigation—in order to try a variety of practice areas.

My concerns about choosing a practice area quickly evaporated upon my first rotation with the BFR Group. I was immediately staffed on substantive assignments such as researching novel legal issues, drafting research memos, and helping write portions of a brief. And even though I have no background in bankruptcy, each attorney provided a background of the cases to which I was assigned. Having this substantive work and newly-acquired knowledge enriched my understanding of the BFR Group and the exciting legal work that they do.

However, my learning wasn’t confined to substantive work. Attorneys on my cases invited me to attend strategy sessions and client calls, which provided further insight into the Department’s work. They also ensured I had a robust understanding of the Department by offering to go out for coffee, shadowing them in their office, and inviting me to attend Department lunches. Furthermore, the BFR Group paired me with an associate mentor and a partner mentor, allowing me to create more relationships and meet more people. Through interacting with various BFR attorneys, I have gained a better understanding of the work and what it would be like to join the Department.

In my short time here, the people I have met have been incredibly gracious, passionate, and welcoming. As well, I have been excited to work on substantive and interesting matters. Thanks to the people and assignments, I am confident that by the end of the summer I will be able to easily choose a practice area.

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