Summer Observational

On the first day of my second week I was given an observational assignment that took me to a Manhattan courthouse with one of Weil’s lead trial attorneys. I was given the chance to ride to and from the courthouse in close proximity to three of Weil’s attorneys as they prepared for a difficult motion argument. The argument itself was flawless, the other summer associate who came along and I were both left speechless at the immaculate performance that the partner gave.

Half way through opposing counsel’s argument the partner turned around and mouthed what appeared to be my name. I pointed my thumb back at myself confused and hoping that I was mistaken. The partner nodded his head and called me over to the well (with the argument still underway). He quietly asked me to run a sheet with questions over to the client seated in the back of the courtroom. The partner had, several minutes into opposing counsel’s argument, begun contemplating his rebuttal. While listening closely he had realized he needed to know exactly the page of the document that would refute much of the opposing counsel’s argument.

After returning with a written answer, the partner gave a concise rebuttal. As we left, I asked the partner why he didn’t just call over one of the associates. He responded with a smile that he was “looking to get you involved”. To think that this partner, amidst a tough argument, had the acuity and kindness to make a small gesture made me incredibly grateful to be a summer at Weil.

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