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The Weil, Weil White Plains

I always heard that I should take advantage of any observational opportunities that I can during the summer program, so when I was invited to sit in on a proceeding in a federal bankruptcy court in White Plains, New York, I was both excited and curious as to what I would experience. My only conception of what actually went on inside a courtroom came from what I learned in law school and T.V. shows, so I really had no idea what it would be like.

The appearance and atmosphere of the courtroom was about what I expected, albeit more laid back than courtrooms on television. What surprised me was the expertise and preparedness of both the attorneys and the judge. I was able to observe our attorneys cross-examine witnesses, give oral argument, and respond to the judge’s questions without hesitation. It really gave me an idea of the top-notch caliber attorneys and legal issues the firm deals with.

I left the courtroom excited to begin my career and develop some of the expertise that I observed that day. I am grateful that Weil allowed us to observe the proceedings that day and I would highly recommend taking advantage of any observational opportunities to all future summer associates.

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