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Worthwhile Observations at Weil

Since the moment I arrived and throughout my first two weeks as a summer associate, I have had several exciting observational assignments related to a complex case.

Only moments after arriving on my first day, my assignment coordinator dropped by my office to invite me to attend witness preparation that was about to begin. My first two days were largely spent observing this witness preparation alongside two associates and a partner, with the discussion primarily led by an associate. The following week I observed a deposition taken by an associate. Throughout the last two weeks I have attended multiple conference calls with associates and partners from Weil offices across the country to discuss the status of the case, including a conversation with a witness who will be instrumental to how the case unfolds.

Two of the characteristics that made me interested in becoming a summer associate at Weil were early substantive work experience and strong legal advocacy. It is clear from observing client and attorney interactions at Weil, even just over the course of my first few weeks as a summer associate, that early substantive experience and client-focused advocacy truly are a fundamental part of the Weil culture. All of these diverse observational experiences have allowed me to gain important insight into the case and to get to know members of the team. I am very excited to see what other worthwhile observational assignments I will have during my summer with Weil!

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