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A Weil Variety of Assignments

I was able to work on a wide range of assignments during my Litigation Department rotation, which allowed for a very effective introduction to the department. Over the course of my rotation, I researched issues related to intellectual property, bankruptcy, e-Discovery, privacy, and antitrust law. I also received opportunities to draft different types of documents, including an update to a treatise, two versions of a memo relevant to an ongoing case, material for inclusion in a motion to dismiss, and a slide deck for a presentation to a client. These assignments all provided a great introduction to what the work of a junior associate in the department might involve.

Some of the most informative assignments I received, however, were observational. Summer associates do not submit work product for observational assignments, but rather observe the work of Weil attorneys in settings such as court proceedings and depositions. Observational assignments are designed to help summer associates better understand what the litigation process involves as a case moves from initial pleadings through discovery. I received two observational assignments during my rotation which involved shadowing cases at different points in the discovery process.

Both of my observational assignments provided valuable insight into how litigators at Weil work. One observational assignment involved a case where the Weil team corresponded with opposing counsel about document and evidence production requests. I sat in on calls during which the Weil team “met and conferred” with opposing counsel, and meetings during which the Weil team strategized about how they would respond to the requests of opposing counsel. Another observational assignment allowed me to observe an expert deposition – the first time I had ever observed a deposition. Because I completed research and writing assignments and observed litigators at work, I feel that I have a very good understanding of what working in Weil’s Litigation Department would be like.

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