Exposure and Involvement

NEW YORK – Although there are many aspects of Weil that set it apart from other firms, one thing immediately comes to mind: exposure. When starting at Weil, I knew that I would have the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects; however, I had no idea that I would gain so much exposure to the actual practice of law. Throughout the summer, Weil has provided opportunities for summer associates to work on observational assignments as well as participate in a two week pro bono externship. I have done both.

As far as observational assignments, my most memorable moment was accompanying a partner to a hearing in federal court. During this visit, I had the opportunity to not only meet the client, but also have lunch with him and the partner. I was even able to sit next to the client and partner during the actual hearing – a practice that not every firm permits. Besides this experience, I have also enjoyed the opportunity to observe attorneys on matters outside of court, including for instance, their communications with a client during a multi-million dollar closing.

Weil has an entire team of people whose primary role is to provide meaningful opportunities for pro bono service. During my externship, I spent two weeks at Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A, which represents tenants against predatory landlords. As an extern, I interviewed a client, attended a housing court proceeding, and even served a court order on a landlord’s attorney. Needless to say, these experiences – and skills derived therefrom – would not have been possible without Weil’s genuine commitment to community involvement.

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