Varied Experience

New York – If you’re undecided about which practice group you’d like to join, the summer program at Weil does a great job exposing you to many aspects of each group’s practice.  I split my summer into three four-week rotations: Corporate, Business Finance and Restructuring (BFR), and Litigation.  In addition to receiving a variety of assignments, I was able to attend a number of hearings and client meetings, which gave me a much clearer picture of what attorneys in each group do.

I spent my first four weeks in the Corporate Department.  During an assignment for the capital markets group, I attended a meeting at a client’s office, where the terms of a deal were negotiated.  It was exciting to observe the negotiations that involved attorneys from the BFR and Tax Departments, and numerous other groups. It was great to see how each department worked together and coordinated on different aspects of the deal.  Moreover, it helped me see how my individual assignment fit into the larger context of the deal.

Similarly, in my BFR rotation, I went to Delaware for a first day hearing of a bankruptcy proceeding.  During the hearing, attorneys from Weil presented motions, and for the most part, the judge made his decisions right on the spot.  The whole process ran smoothly, but the partners and associates explained to me how much preparation and work was put in to make everything happen.

With all of these hands-on experiences, Weil has made it easier to make a fully informed decision about which practice group I ultimately want to join.

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