The Assignment Process

NEW YORK – “You want me to watch TV? For work?”  Was this how a food critic felt every day going to work? You’re going to pay me to eat? The prospect of joining Weil’s IP/Media practice had always excited me, but seeing Marvel posters and other famous TV characters around a partner’s office told me a few things: First, don’t be afraid to dress up your office. Second, Weil can be a place to merge your out-of-office hobbies with your career.

It came as no surprise that as soon as I rotated into the litigation department, I was instantly thrown into work that excited me. Intellectual property, patent litigation, and data privacy – all areas connected to my background in math and science and areas my assignment coordinator knew I was interested in pursuing.  My coordinator immediately connected me with associates on these matters and has checked in on me frequently to make sure that I was getting work opportunities in my areas of interest.

Weil does a fantastic job arranging for assignment coordinators to help new summer associates. Throughout the last several weeks, I have also ended up working on cases through discussions with attorneys I met at events and around the firm who told me about the exciting matters they were working on. This mix of receiving assignments through coordinators as well as through conversations with attorneys strikes the perfect balance of guidance and opportunity.

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